This is an unofficial (fan) website for the Kollel Bookshop in Joburg. I am not aware of an official site and this is registered on behalf of the Jewish community in order to provide up to date information (e.g. they recently moved).

The Kollel Bookshop is not to be confused with the Kollel Yad Shaul, a Yeshiva and Beit Midrash lead by Rabbi Grossnass. The Kollel is a non-profit organisation and aptly uses the domain which also does not yet have a website. You can learn more from their Kollel Wikipedia entry, or call +27 11 7281308 or visit Water Lane, Gardens, Johannesburg

The Kollel Bookshop is the importer and distributor in South Africa for Artscroll and Koren publishers and carry stock of many of their publications.

Tel (May 2013): 011 4406679

Address (May 2013):
17 Northfield Avenue, Glenhazel (next to ENGEN Garage opposite Ohr Somayach)

Maintained by Alan Levin, contact: +27 21 300 0343 -